Xenomorphosis Jewelry

A little Biker, a little Fantasy/Goth,

a little of, well, something else. That’s what I do. I call it Phantasy Jewelry, for those with a taste for the strange and wonderful, not just Skulls and Snakes, Dragons and Fairies. Although there are some of those here too, I must admit.

The jewelry you see here was all designed by Xenomorphosis, which is to say myself and the late Blaine Hess. Blaine taught me all I know, and I’ve been blessed with the gift of his original molds to carry on his work and let the world see what only a few people have been able to up to this point.

Lost Wax casting is the key to all this that you see. One of the worlds’ oldest methods of jewelry making, it involves creating an original design in wax, casting it in silver, then taking that original casting and making a rubber mold of it. You then use the mold to make duplicate waxes. I can make a duplicate of the rings you see here in multiple sizes to fit small, average, and large (and EXTRA large) fingers.

All of the jewelry here is available through the Etsy link. Ear cuffs, pendants, and nipple shields will usually arrive within a week or so of ordering. Rings will take up to two weeks (sizing, casting, polishing, and shipping all involve some creative time).

I also take the jewelry out to various craft markets in the Oregon and Washington area, so check out the Booth Dates on the main page to see where you can find me in person.

To order any of these, visit our Etsy store:

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