Our next book, Naturalist Numbers – The Odd Anatomy of Ordinary Animals, will be out in December 2023!

Naturalist Numbers book cover

By John Maddin

At long last, our counting book Naturalist Numbers will be available to order in December. Children ages four and up will learn their numbers with delightful pictures and diagrams highlighting the unique features of animals. The scratchboard illustrations and anatomical diagrams make it easy to understand the physicality of select creatures. Big thanks to Amy Collen for her stellar book design work.

Michelle and I want to thank our backers for our successful October 2022 crowd-funding campaign enabling us to self- publish and bring our second book to fruition. Their pledges helped validate our continued efforts to educate children of all ages about nature and numbers.


Naturalist Numbers (ISBN 9798987891322, paperback, 34 pages), published by Portland-based Twist and Turn Press, is currently being readied for distribution on Lulu as I write this. As Lulu account holders we’ve been able to order some copies for ourselves so we can get copies out to our crowd funders. We’ll make an announcement when it’s ready widespread for distribution on Lulu. Then the book can be ordered anywhere, including Bookshop.org, Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, as well as your favorite local bookstore. Wholesale purchases can be made through Lulu.