Earth Day 2024: Planet vs Plastics

Man & Woman smiling, wearing glasses in front of banners.
John & Michelle at the Molalla River clean up Earth day 2024
Woman wearing glasses leaning against pick up
Michelle Walch with the trash haul at the Molalla River 2024 clean up. check out the yard art John found!

Earth Day 2024 theme: Planet vs Plastics

Man wearing glasses and a black T-shirt holding trash bags
John Maddin at the Molalla river clean up 2024
John and I did our part to rid the environment of plastics for Earth Day. We joined SOLVE Oregon and Molalla River Watch to clean up the area.

By Michelle Walch

The Earth Day theme for this year is Planet vs Plastics. Plastic seems to rule our lives. It’s in packaging, in clothing, tools, everywhere. It is so hard to avoid. Plastic negatively affects the health of humans, animals, and the planet.

The Great Garbage Patches of the Northern Pacific Ocean exist between Japan and in between Hawaii and California. These two debris vortexes are huge. Larger plastics break down into microplastics, which are extremely harmful to ocean life. And if you eat seafood, you may be ingesting microplastics as well.

With concerted effort, we can make choices to mitigate plastic’s impact. Get involved with an ocean cleanup such as SOLVE’s Oregon Spring Cleanup. Make mindful decisions when making purchases. Not always possible, but do what you can. And of course, recycle what you can.

We here at 13th Floor Creations want to help you celebrate Earth Day 2024. Our new book Naturalist Numbers is filled with both land and ocean animals. In the “for further reading” section, resources are listed to learn more about the animals featured in the book.  Both of our books tend to have an underlying conservation theme. We hope you glean that from our books.

There is also an Earth Day sale in the jewelry shop. Among the dragons and demons, lo and behold, you will find creatures of the earth’s realm. Koala bears, dolphins, snakes ear clips are available on Etsy.

Have a good, meaningful Earth Day!