Women’s History Month at 13th Floor Creations

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Who were Lilith and Hecate?


By Michelle Walch

Lilith, first wife of Adam, here depicted as a demon
Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft, Crossroads, and Boundaries, here depicted in her Triple Goddess aspect: Maiden, Wife, and Mother


To celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s explore how Lilith and Hecate became symbols of feminism. It will explain why 13th Floor Creations rings symbolizing them are so popular!

Lilith, the powerful


She has an elaborate mythology. Lilith is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as a she-demon and the first wife of Adam. She was cast out of Eden for her unwillingness to obey him. Her name is derived from “Lilit, meaning ‘night monster.” A female figure in Mesopotamian and Jewish lore. Her defiance and power not doubt have made her revered in feminist circles.


Lilith’s symbols include the owl, the serpent, the dark moon, and a curious cross called Lilith’s Glyph. This symbol is a crescent moon on top of a cross, which stands for mind and matter respectively. In astrology, this particular crescent moon refers to the point along the moon’s orbit furthest from the Earth, representing the dark side of one’s personality.

Hecate, the protector

Meanwhile, across the Mediterranean, the mythology of the goddess Hecate was taking shape. Hecate, who’s name means as “one who reaches far,” predates the written mythology of Ancient Greece. There are several different origins to Hecate. Hecate may have been another name for Apollo’s twin sister Artemis. Since Artemis symbolized purity, Hecate may have been developed to represent the darker side of Artemis, therefore separating into another goddess altogether. Hecate is the goddess of mystery, magic, and the underworld. She also protects the home and boarders.

Hecate’s symbol is the wheel, which represents the Triple Goddesses, the Maiden, Mother, and the Crone. The wheel also symbolizes knowledge, rebirth, and renewal.

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