Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month:

Nature is Diversity

Red, Green, Yellow and Purple Black History Month graphic

By Michelle Walch

It may seem unusual to humans, but diversity helps life forms thrive. Humans love nature for its variety. Different plants and geology make it interesting and are part of the driving force of exploring. When outdoors, the experience of seeing something unique and new is part of the discovery.

The earth was designed by diversity. Humans need diversity. Nature IS diversity. A homogeneous world is unproductive and unhealthy. We don’t grow without variety. Sameness is self-extinguishing.

We enjoy the variety of the outdoors. It challenges us and gives us something we may not have. Humans are similar. Welcome the difference, and be open to new ideas. That’s how we grow, learn, and become richer.

In our latest book Naturalist Numbers, we explore how different animals adapt to their environs in different ways: Four stomachs of the cow and three hearts of the octopus. It may seem unusual to humans, but it helps that life forms thrive. Hence the subtitle: “The Odd Anatomy of Ordinary Animals.” Each human also has something unique that benefits all humanity. We need to recognize those gifts.

For Black History Month, learn about Black naturalists and environmentalists.